Things to Do When You Experience Rented Car Theft

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Rental cars are the best means of transport especially when you are on a tour. But every Toronto’s car rental has heard of rental cars being stolen at some point. It is not an unusual issue, and it happens more frequently than you think. Rented cars have always been popular for the wide range of advantages that they provide. But if it gets stolen, you will have to pay the price. Insurance might help you to an extent, but the inconvenience caused becomes your responsibility. So you must take a few steps to get you out of this rut.
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Few Things To Do

Inform the police as soon as you can. But that is not where your ordeal will end; you will have to calmly let them know that the car was a rental. If your personal belongings were inside it, let them know, any personal goods should be mentioned no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Toronto’s car rental says that the next thing you should do is inform the company that you have rented your car from. You must also ask the representative to file a complaint with the police as well and ask for the vehicular identification number and the tag of the car.

Request your rental company for an accident report or incident report. Discuss the terms of your insurance and the type that you have chosen. There are three types of coverage that most companies provide to the clients, they are, full coverage, liability and passenger. The full coverage as informed by Toronto’s car rental will relieve you from complete financial responsibility of the damage caused to the car. The liability will give you physical coverage, protecting you from accidents, while the passenger includes your fellow passengers’ safety as well.

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If you have opted for credit card insurance then make the call to your credit card company and inform them of the incident. Credit card insurance for rental cars are usually opted by customers who do not have a personal car. They are offered coverage on the theft of their rental by these companies. Toronto’s car rental says that in case the client has regular vehicle insurance then the credit card may provide the customer with secondary coverage. For this and other details you will have to call the credit card company and discuss the pointers.

You should also remember to call your own car insurer or the insurance company itself and ask for their assistance. Sometimes car insurance covers your rental insurance and if you have opted for that then you will require their advice.

At the same time you will require a new car to carry on so call Toronto’s car rental and rent your next car. Some companies immediately provide you with a car while others require you to visit them and make the transaction. But they might also choose not to provide you with another car if you did not insure it.

Keep the contact number of the Rental Company handy and lookout for the car you have rented to stay out of trouble.