About the YOC

The Yukon Outdoors Club is a non-profit society whose activities include co-ordinating trips to promote the enjoyment of the outdoors at low cost. The YOC is a co-operative society where members share the role of co-ordinating and planning activities. The YOC does not have professional or trained guide, leaders or drivers on its trips. Trip participants are requested to sign a waiver form before each trip.

The club co-ordinates day hikes, backpacking trips, canoe trips, mountain bike trips, cross-country ski trips, snowshoe trips and various types of workshops.

Participating on Trips

Yukon Outdoors Club trips are open to everyone. If you are interested in coming on a particular trip, call in advance to sign up. All trips are given a rating of easy, moderate or difficult. Trip Co-ordinators will assess physical abilities and experience of participants to determine whether they are suited for the conditions of the trip. Trip participants are requested to sign a waiver form before each trip releasing the YOC from being sued for negligence. The Yukon Outdoors Club offers a number of workshops and courses. These are open to members only. The good news is that memberships are only $10.o0 for a single membership, $15 for a family membership.


Advantages of Membership

The benefits of membership are:

  • Advance notice of changes to trips, courses and events
  • Courses to develop skills and safety in the outdoors
  • Equipment rentals (tents, bear canisters, pulks, peips , snowshoes, etc
  • Opportunity to meet people with shared interest in the outdoors
  • Opportunity to explore new areas
  • Shared transportion, gas and equipment costs
  • Discounts on selected outdoor equipment

Personal Safety

Each participant of a Yukon Outdoors Club trip is responsible for their own health, safety and well-being. As a minimum each person should carry with them:

  • Bear Spray
  • Blister kit i.e. Compeed
  • Braided nylon cord
  • Rehydration System (2 cans and small candles
  • Duct tape – small amount
  • Emergency food – i.e. energy bar
  • Firestarter
  • First Aid Kit – including own medication
  • Matches/Lighter
  • Pocket Knife
  • Space Blanket (orange garbage bags)
  • Suitable Clothing for the season
  • Water – lots
  • Whistle